Movella U-Loader
Movella U-Loader
Movella U-Loader
Movella U-Loader

U-Loader for transport and warehousing of wall elements

Movella U-loader solves the warehousing problems in the wall element production and minimizes handling of the elements.

Movella U-loader is like the inloaders which are commonly used in the road transports but Movella U-loader is designed for internal logistics: it is safe, easy to use and technically robust. Movella U-loader is compatible to standard inloader flats. U-loader can be operated by a terminal tractor or a big forklift truck.

How to use the U-Loader in wall element factory

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Why use Movella U-Loader

It improves safety

  • Less handling and lifting of elements

  • No need for driver to get out from the tractor’s cabin

  • U-loader is easy to use

  • Cameras, lights and other safety features

  • Good visibility from driver’s cabin

It saves money and environment

  • Even 50% faster to work than inloader for road transports

  • No cranes needed outside

  • Less work and handling of elements

  • Robust machine with very little maintenance

  • More flexible warehousing

Movella U-Loader features

Movella U-Loader features
Movella U-Loader: How the steering gooseneck works

Movella U-Loader compared to traditional inloader

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Conventional inloader
Compatible to standard flats
Safe – Open construction and good visibility
Safe – Driver can stay in cabin when picking or leaving the flat
Steering gooseneck helps picking up flats
Maintenance free tyres
Robust and simple construction
Transports per hour* 12 8

* Based on customer who changed from traditional inloader to U-loader


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