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Translifter is more than just a trailer. It picks up the load, transports it to the warehouse area and leaves the load independently without any help from cranes. Translifter opens bottlenecks in production, improves safety and reduces handling damages. Robust and reliable translifters are compatible with any standard forklift trucks.

For safer and more effective logistics

Movella NT10 and NT25 translifters convert a forklift truck into a safe transporter for long, heavy or odd-shape cargo.

Standard NT10 and NT25 are available in 5-15 meter Models with telescopic frame extend up to 25 meters. The nominal transport capacities of NT10 and NT25 are 10000 and 25000 kg.

The translifters operate with a self-loading principle where translifters are driven under load carrying trestles and then lifted up with a hydraulically lifting bogie. Translifters and trestles offer a flexible logistical system where cargo can easily be transported between production stages and the warehouse. A self-loading principle makes it possible for the driver to pick up and transport the load independently and warehousing on trestles eliminates the need for cranes in the warehousing area.

Ease for internal transportation

Movella translifters are robust and reliable and they require very little maintenance. They are equipped with a battery operated hydraulic power pack and a remote controller making them totally universal and compatible with any forklift truck. The translifter is coupled to the forks and no other couplings are needed. Translifters are also available with a coupling device to a terminal tractor or a wheel loader.

Movella translifters are specially suitable for heavy engineering workshops, painting shops, concrete element industry or any application where long, large or heavy cargo is being transported

The benefits of the Movella translifter

  • Safe and easy transportation of bulky or heavy cargo
  • Flexible warehousing and buffering
  • More effective production, less need for cranes
  • Multiplies the transport capacity of a forklift truck
  • Turning wheels help driving in tight areas
  • Compatible with any standard forklift truck
  • Lowest operation and investment costs
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