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Push-off-trailers have many advantages compared to traditional tipping trailers. They are more stable and safe to use when off-loading, even in inclined ground. Off-loading is also always accurate and no material gets stuck on the sides of the platform.


Trailers for big loads

Movella designs and delivers push-off-trailers at those payload ranges where other manufactures discontinue. Nominal payload capacities are 50 000 – 150 000 kg. Cargo can be sand, rock, other materials, or steel industry byproducts.

Easier emptying

Push-off-trailer has many benefits compared to tipping trailers. Push-off-trailer can be operated in premises which have height restrictions because the platform does not move. Cargo can be emptied in sloping ground without the risk of tipping over the tractor-trailer combination because the center of gravity remains low. Cargo is also emptied evenly which eliminates the risk of sudden off-loading. The cargo is always off-loaded totally leaving no remains to the platform.

Easier operating

Movella push-off-trailers can be equipped with optional hydrostatic drive which helps on steep slopes. Transporting the goods feels lighter for the towing tractor and driving is more stable in slippery conditions.

Benefits for push-off-trailers

Push-off-trailers have many advantages compared to the traditional tipping trailers.

  • Operating in spaces with height restrictions
  • Improved stability during off-loading
  • More even while off-loading the cargo
  • Precision in off-loading
  • Option: Hydrostatic drive for harsh environments
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Movella push-off traileri
Movella push-off traileri