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Service and spare parts

Movella offers comprehensive after-sales network and support. Spare parts delivered from the warehouse gets to the customer’s premises within 24 hours in Europe and within 48 hours in other countries, if needed. Our service also includes modernization of old machinery, which prolongs the life-span significantly.

Logister, Rolux and Electrolux service and spare parts

Movella has exclusive rights to deliver original spare parts and service for example to the following Logister, Rolus and Electrolux models: MiniRolux, NT10, NT14, NT15, NT20, NT24, trailer T2-30 and Electrolux-lifting and loading stations. All the trestles and cassettes for those models can be ordered from us.

Contact us

For service calls and spare part inquiries, send an email or contact us by using the form below. We will answer to every query within the next working day if not immediately.

E-mail:  |  Phone: +358 10 567 9301

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