Movella - tehokkuutta kuljetuksiin


Movella transportation equipment is used by many companies all over the world. Oldest machines still in use are from the 80’s and we can deliver spare parts, if needed.

Movella referenssit
Movella referenssit
Movella referenssit

Parma uses several different translifters on many sites. Translifters and trestles are used to transport concrete elements from production to warehouse.


Konecranes has improved the movement of crane frames in production and warehouse with the help of the translifters.


Metso Minerals uses translifters to move crushers frames in the production and warehouse. At the warehouse frames stand in trestles and are easily picked and left.

Metso Minerals, Tampere

Sandvik uses NT10 translifters to move underground dumper frames from warehouse to production.

Sandvik, Turku